Youth Tribe #3: Skinny Indie

The SKinny Indie, a newer version of EMO

The SKinny Indie, a newer version of EMO

The Skinny Indie tribe is 2008/09 version of the alternate youth of the 90’s. They are just a little more mainstream. Think ‘The Veronica’s. These are the teens who run around in skinny stonewashed jeans, wearing white Converse Chucks, basically looking and dressing like Kate Moss’ ex Pete Doherty, sans expensive coke habit. These kids are big time into music, they are wannabe rockstars. You’re probably thinking, these are just EMO’s. Well, they are not, they aren’t as ’emotional’, dark or negative as EMO’s. They are dabbling in soft recreational drugs, but stear clear of the heavy stuff like ICE. These kids are far more introverted than the ‘Fluoro’s’ and ‘Extreme Livers’. These kids are rebelling against the status quo, but are not overly subversive. They just like to be seen as looking and acting different to preppy teens from private schools. By definition they are weight conscious and aren’t overly materialistic, they have a quieter side and the geeks of yesteryear often blend into this tribe.


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