Gen C Graffiti Girl – young Picasso of street art

10yr old Graffiti Girl Solveig Barlow

10yr old Graffiti Girl Solveig Barlow

Came across this 10yr old graffiti artist called Solveig Barlow who is being compared to the best stencillist in the world ‘Banksy’. Solveig Barlow is being described as ‘the young Picasso of street art’ and is a great Gen C ambassador. Solveig has created more than 20 legal works on walls around Brighton, Sussex, and has earned a legion of fans along the way. Her aim is to create graffiti works that stand out from the crowd. She doesn’t like being compared to ‘Banksy’ who sells his murals to celebs for up to $900k, as she see’s herself as a true graffiti artist, not a stencillist.

“I love to make pieces that are as crazy as I can make them. I have no plans to stop so watch out for me.” It’s great to see great creativity being unleashed in Britain and hopefully inspiring other talented artists to do the same around the world. Watch out for Solveig as an alternate reference point for cool pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Gen C Graffiti Girl – young Picasso of street art

  1. Solveig,
    Sou a Ana ,do Brasil (São Paulo) e infelizmente não falo inglês! Mas com certeza sua arte e talento nato, independem da língua falada!!! Fiquei encantada com o seu trabalho quando pude ver uma reportagem ontem (29/03/2009) no jornal Folha de São Paulo. Parabéns e continue trocando as margaridas por caveiras, pois isso faz de você uma pessoa única e cheia de atitude!!!
    abraços e venha nos visitar,

  2. anyone know if this girls got a facebook or anything? because im 13 and i do stencils and im looking for a collab peice and she would be perfect for it!
    any information on her is amazing and dont worry im not a perv lol

  3. She didnt do this alone, look at the writing only ”Made by solveig age 9” If she cant spray her signature at there normally how can she make a whole piece like that?. Doesnt makes sense.

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