Almost 30…still a Kiddult

I’m turning 30 in a few weeks and I’m freaking out. Although everyone’s constantly talking about youth being a mindset and all that stuff, the fact that my Mother is constantly telling me how I need to settle down, buy a house, marry a nice girl is draining me. Don’t get me wrong, I want all those things, and I’m lucky to have a great girlfriend who puts up with me. I hate the idea of ‘settling down’, I want to still explore the world, work in different countries, live the dream so they say. But what Boomer parents still don’t get is that we don’t necessarily operate on the same time frame as they did. My parents, like most Boomers married quite young and bought properties quite young. The last 5 years or so we’ve seen marriage rates drop substantially, the average age a person is moving out in Australia is now 27. So, we’ve got all these “kiddults’ running around living off their parents wealth, soaking up their inheritance. The Parent/Child dynamic is changing and I think we’ll see parents rebelling against their kids as they plead with them to finally move out. It will be interesting to see how the recession hits Gen Y behaviour. This Generation has always been the ‘I want’ generation..I want a better job, I want more money, I want that pair of jeans, I want that holiday to Paris..and i want it NOW!!! How will people in their 20’s deal with the fact that they can’t choose their jobs as much (cos there aren’t any!!) will they just hike up their ridiculous personal debts even more??? All I know is that I’m turning 30 and I still want to do that ski season on Whistler or Lech that I never did in my early 20s…damn

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