Youth Tribe #2: Fluoro’s

FUn Kids are addicted to music festivals

FUn Kids are addicted to music festivals

Meet the Fluoro Fun Kids. They’re 15-30yr olds who never want to grow up. You know the teens and 20 somethings running around in fluoro coloured singlets and Havianas. Scary thing is that I know a alot of them.They shun responsibility whenever they can, it’s all about living each day to its fullest and a constant need for good times. The Peter Pan syndrome is evident here. Fluoro’s are music festival junkies. Just head to the Big Day Out, V Festival and you will see thousands of them. Girls and guys running around in yellow sunnies, fluoro Bond singlets and tats everywhere. The girls are baked in fake bronze tan. It’s all about looking good for the music festivals where they can get their gear off in the summer sun. They share some trait with the metro-sexual crowd of 2005-2006. They mix and match luxury brands with value brands. So they’ll be wearing Havianas, Bonds singlet with a pair of $300 Nudie jeans and $250 Prada or Diesel sunnies. Hybrid styles are in and guys accessories as much as girls. These kids transcend class boundaries, a passion for music unites them, so you’ll see rich kids from the North and East hanging with kids from Western Sydney. Let’s be real, these kids are all about ‘showing off’, their tribe exists to constantly have fun, and they save their pennies to hit the next dance festival. Marketers wanting to engage this audience need to be loud, provide FUN, and lots of it. Ideas and experiences which allow them to party hard, splash out and express themselves will win.


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