Youth Tribe #1: Extreme Livers (Skaters,Boarders,Riders,Freestylers..)

Always looking for spontaneous experiences

Always looking for spontaneous experiences

I’m going to explore many different youth tribes in the coming weeks. Some are mainstream, some are sub cultures. The first tribe are EXTREME LIVERS. These are typically guys aged 16-28 who desire non stop action. They crave the chance to try new sports and extreme activities. Whether you’re a skater, snowboarder, BMX’er, downhill biker, blader..these guys all share a passion for pushing their bodies mentally and physically until they break. From Friday night to Sunday night it is ON. There is no off swtich, these guys require constant stimulation. They live very spontaneous lives, if they hear that the surf is up or it’s dumping with snow, they are there that day for a crack. They love Jackass of course, anything that shows guys getting hurt, they’re into. This tribe has been around since the 90’s, but it transcends most subcultures. Marketers wanting to appeal to Extreme Livers need to push them, create competition within their tribes and create new experiences for them to try. Red Bull and the rest of the energy drink brands play here as well as some of the surf brands. Experiential marketing typically goes along way, as these guys are super tactile.


2 thoughts on “Youth Tribe #1: Extreme Livers (Skaters,Boarders,Riders,Freestylers..)

  1. Good post Dan. It’s interesting to see how ONeill, Billabong, Red Bull, Jones Soda etc have marketed “with” this tribe as opposed to marketed “to” them. Experiential marketing is one part but it’s all about how these brands see marketing itself – is it something that supports the organization or does the organization itself live to support the marketing?

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