Three Universal Needs for Youth – Collectivism, Expressionism, Escapism

There are three universal needs of young people across the globe:
1. Collectivism – the need to belong to a group and share cultural capital
2. Expressionism – the need to express their creativity and develop their self identity
3. Escapism – the need to have fun, be entertained, compete against one another

Which of these three does your brand tap into? Whether it’s digital or real world think about how your brand is talking to a specific tribe and what you are doing to get them talking about your brand within that tribe. Think about how your brand is helping them express, evolve, create their self identity. Successful youth brands all have a strong point of view, they’re not fenc sitters. Especially for young males, think about how you are fostering their need for constant stimulation and entertainment. How are you fostering their competitive side. For young girls, how are you helping them be in the know, be seen as interesting within their tribe? Some things to think about…


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