Youth Marketing Rule #2: Inspire me and help me achieve

Marketers need to inspire Gen C with their brand ideas, they need to stand for something and have a strong point of view on the world. We’ve just seen Barack Obama dominate in the recent American elections based on his attraction and understanding of the Gen C crowd. His whole strategy was built on ‘change’ and inspiring the youth of America. One of the most famous brands of all, Nike has always understood how to inspire youth. They typically have done it from a top down approach, buying the most famous athletes and creating big TV ads, now, they’re going bottom up and creating grassroots activity with digital at the heart of all communication and consumer involvement as a key driver. In late 2008 to follow on from the success of the ‘Take it to the next level’ campaign, they created Nike ‘Bootcamp, part of Nike Football. Bootcamp was an immersive digital training resource for Gen C to ‘train like a pro’ . They inspire young footballers, providing them with digital tools on their mobile phone to improve their football skills and most importantly compete against others around the globe via a social networking platform, the key success point for any male dominated community. Bootcamp was an awesome example of a brand providing real utility to the youth community, tapping in their need to ‘belong’ as well as ‘compete’ against others.


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