Skittles nails it in social media

500,000 facebook friends in a few days

500,000 facebook friends in a few days

This is the best social media integration I have ever seen by a youth brand. It’s doing the rounds on the Plannersphere. has just turned its entire website into a massive social media experiment. It is possibly the bravest move I have yet seen, in terms of a global brand getting into bed with social media and social networks.
Check out to see how it works. The entire experience is built over the social media platforms. For example, if you aim for the ‘MEDIA’ link and click on ‘Vids’ it redirects to the Skittles YouTube channel. Click on ‘Pics’ and you’re presented with a Skittles photostream on Flickr. The ‘FRIENDS’ link pulls up the Skittle Facebook fan page (it has more than 500,000 fans, and should accrue a bunch more as a result of this experiment). It’s a brilliant way for Skittles to both start conversations around their brand as well as get real time feedback on what their fans think about them. Simply brilliant.


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