What does Generation C stand for?

Generation C- born from social media
Generation C doesn’t stand for one thing, it’s multi-dimensional making it the most interesting mindset to understand. C stands for Collective, Creativity, Conversation, Content, Collaboration, Connected, Cyber, Co-Creation, Change, and Confused.
So, we’ve got Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and now Gen Z or iGeneration (those born after 1994) – these are generations that demographers have put age brackets around depending on certain milestones in culture, eg: end of 2nd world war for baby Boomers. Well Gen C is not an age cohort per se. The term Generation C originated in New Zealand by Idealog magazine who focused on the rise in creative expression of modern youth. Since then the definition has evolved. The American Press Association’s Media Center describes Gen C as ‘creating, producing and participating in news in a connected, informed society’. I believe Gen C is a collective of creators whose interests and behaviours are expressed across the technologically progressive backdrop of social media that has exploded over the past few years. They tend to age between 13-33 years of age, so crossing Gen Y and the iGeneration.

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