Do you have O.L.D ‘Obsessive Lifestreaming Disorder’?

Web 2.0 has accelerated Gen C’s need for constant contact by turning them into ‘lifestreamers’. Through their iphones and smartphones they’re constantly streaming and caching their lives to the world by uploading photos to Facebook, updating their status profiles, tweet’ing on what they are doing. There is even a website now called which streams your life in 5 minute intervals. Call it self advertisement, call it overkill, call it boredom beating. In the future we’re going to see young people getting ‘O.L.D.’ – Obsessive Lifestreaming Disorder, as anxiety creeps in due to their fixation with constantly updating the minute by minute actions of their lives.


One thought on “Do you have O.L.D ‘Obsessive Lifestreaming Disorder’?

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